Cowardice inside NC’s walls


The production of a previous newspaper has caused a lot of controversy about the constitutionality of kneeling. Student athletes have the right to kneel during the anthem, but it seems as though some inside of this school do not approve of an expression of free speech.
Recently, someone defaced the cover of the paper by writing the words “My protest” and scribbling on different parts of the cover. We respect this form of protest, however it could be seen as disrespectful to distort the cover of a newspaper that depicts the beliefs and morals of another student. It is a basic right as an American citizen to express your beliefs and not being persecuted against for doing so.
The underlying theme of this protest is rather interesting. Students in this class have enough courage to put their names and faces to newspaper articles and expose themselves to scrutiny from other people. The person who decided to take this action neglected to write their name on the paper they decided to voice their opinion on. By not putting their name on their protest, to us makes it seem as if they are scared and do not want to take any backlash for their action. If other students have the courage to put their names to articles that clearly state their own set of beliefs, then whoever felt the need to take this action, or those who would partake in something similar, should feel obligated to let people know who they are. Everyone has morals they live by everyday and the freedom to express your beliefs is what makes this country one of the greatest in the world.