Player profile: Meg Newman


It is uncommon for a freshman to start on a varsity basketball team, especially for a team that is consistently successful, but Meg Newman is fulfilling that role.
Newman is the starting center for the girls basketball team and she has played basketball for nine years and AAU for three. This level of experience has helped her earn the starting spot. Her love of the game has strongly driven her work ethic.
“My dad built a hoop in the front yard and we have been shooting together ever since,” Newman said.
Starting basketball at an early age has helped her develop into the basketball player she is today, but with a transition from middle school to high school, there are still growing pains.
“The contact surprised me as people are more aggressive in varsity basketball compared to middle school which was really hard to get used to,” Newman said.
Newman has had a great deal of mentors with experience to help guide her through her freshman season. They have taught her not only how to be a better basketball player, but also how to lead a team by example.
“I definitely look up to Asia (Stollings), Rikki (Harris) and Savaya (Brockington) a ton and they have taught me a lot about myself and how I should play in the future and how to be a leader,” Newman said.
In Newman’s first year playing high school basketball, she learned a lot, but one thing that stood out to her was finding out how to lead a team.
“I have learned how to lead a team. My teammates are very vocal and great leaders and I have learned a ton from that,” Newman said.
With one season nearly concluded, Newman will have a lot to carry into her remaining seasons to better herself as not only an athlete, but as a leader.