Inside Student Government


How do you divide up the responsibilities?
Emma Burris(senior class president) -“We divide it up equally there’s no one person that does more than the other. Each of us are good at specific things.”

How do you guys organize the events?
Jennifer Vergara(Treasure) -“We all work together, plan out, and bounce ideas off each other.”
Yessica Santos-”We break it up into committees so Emma does flyers, Caleb is the artec so he does the videos, me and Jennifer do D and K.”
Emma-“And we try to use our council as much as possible.”

What events are you guys preparing for right now?
Emma-“We’re working on the blood drive.”
How are you guys preparing for the blood drive?
Emma-“We have a lot of work to do mainly because we’re working with the Indiana Blood Center so there’s a lot of precautions and paperwork we have to do.
Also getting coupons to get the donors interested in donating because Indiana really relies on North Central because we have one of the biggest blood drives.”

How do you think the lack of saline bags will affect the blood drive?
Jennifer-“Well right now there is a shortage of saline bags in Indiana because Puerto Rico is the main supplier of saline bags but after all the natural disasters that happened there the building is destroyed.
There’s other ways that hospitals are using in place of saline bags that do the same thing, but it’s possible to get saline bags from other distributors so if worst comes to worst the Indiana Blood Center can always reach out to another distributor to make sure we have enough saline bags.”