5 Things to Know About the Lockdown


1.) The lockdown happens when there is someone in the area around NC that could be a threat to students or could be a possible intruder. A lockdown may also take place if there is an intruder in the school or a potential safety issue in the school. change
2.) The procedure for a lockdown differs for both scenarios. The first procedure is to lock all doors and keep students inside the classroom. If the lockdown becomes more serious or there is an intruder inside the school building, all lights are suppose to turn off and all door windows are to be covered with something such as paper. Students are to stay as far away from the classroom door as possible.
3.) Although this is the current procedure for a lockdown, faculty is discussing changing the procedure for the coming years.
4.) This lockdown was a success.
5.) The next lockdown drill is set to take place in the spring.