Prejudice toward LGBTQ+ community is unfair


Over the course of the past couple years, the LGBTQ+ community has made great progress in gaining social equality. However, with a predominately conservative executive branch, there has been major opposition towards LGBTQ+ members in 2017, specifically towards transgenders.
As many are aware, President Trump issued a ban on any transgender who planned to serve in the armed forces. In addition, cutting off all funding for gender-reassignment surgeries for military personnel; using the cost of the reassignment as justification for his actions.
My first concern is how in any way was Trump’s ban beneficial to our country? The answer: it wasn’t. I took President Trump’s ban as a discriminatory action against all transgenders based solely on their individual choice. The current administration is implementing their own Christian beliefs into their policy making and it disturbs me that most of society has done absolutely nothing to counter it.
I have never understood why people continuously try to belittle others who are homosexual and transgender. People have to realize that if other’s personal decisions do not negatively impact your life, then why should you care? Let LGBTQ+ members live the way they want and go on with your own life.
Of course somebody can make the claim that they do no support transgenders because they do not want to pay the tax dollars necessary for gender reassignment surgeries. However, think about all of the diseases and injuries that hospitals use tax dollars to cure; so what difference does it make? Cost has simply become a cop out reason to support ancient religious teachings in order to prevent social change.
I know very well that those against the fight for LGBTQ+ rights will read this article and brush it off as “liberal bs,” but you have no idea how your decision to reject these people impacts their lives. It does not matter if you believe if it is right, everybody must understand that LGBTQ+ members are people just like everybody else and in order for them to live their lives our society must be accepting.