BLINDSIDED 2.0: Show Choir


This week on Blind-Sided the controversial topic is whether or not show choir is a sport.

The argument of whether or not show choir is a sport has been a hot topic between the students and faculty and the opinions are divided. One answer to this argument could be the fact the classes for CounterPoints and Descants do not receive a gym credit. Many students involved in these groups believe the work they do and the physical challenge of the class should be rewarded with a gym credit.

This topic can be seen from two separate perspectives, as show choir participants do take a whole class period for their activities. Subsequently the class does not receive a gym credit.

A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Show choir is a combination of singing and dancing which groups compete with others in competitions.

The CounterPoints and Descants are two of our top choirs who compete at a high level, and succeed in the competitions which they are involved in. Last year for the 2016-2017 season the CounterPoints finished second in the mixed division, and the Descants finished first in the girls division.

The student body has mixed feelings on whether or not show choir should be defined as a sport or not.
“I think a sport is something that involves running or physical involvement of some kind, such as basketball and running and sweating. It should produce sweat,” freshman Ajay Mahenthiran said.

Show choir does involve moving and physical involvement as dancing exerts much energy and leaves many of the participants sweaty and tired. After inquiring Mahenthiran about whether or not he thinks show choir is a sport, “No, not at all,” Mahenthiran said.

As an active member in the Descants, senior Journey Evans believes show choir is undoubtedly a sport. Evans said her definition is, “an active game or activity that you have to compete in.”

Evans strongly believes show choir is a sport after committing many hours to perfecting performances. She brings up good points in why it is a sport.
“I do because in showchoir you have to condition and singing and dancing at the same time is a lot harder than what it looks like,” Evans said.