Vasts numbers of seniors skip due to standardized testing


Today, October 25, grades 9-11 embarked on taking the PSAT bright and early, while the senior class was permitted to stay at home for the standardized testing session. Despite being allowed an early start, the seniors were expected to return to school starting period four, in order to resume class as usual for the rest of the day. However, whatever the reasons may be for each individual, an overwhelming majority of the senior class decided to not show up to school at all.

Meanwhile; freshman,sophomores and juniors alike, are all frustrated with the lack of attendance from their older counterparts.

Stephen Barda, a junior and PSAT participant, was frustrated with the overwhelming absences,

“The senior parking lots are completely empty, you can tell no one cared for this school day except for all of us here taking the test,” Barda said.

As years progress it seems like more and more seniors choose to not come in on days like this. The administration was unable to comment on the absences at the time, but have previously cut down and tightened up on those skipping school via solutions like Robocall, detention, grade penalties and even suspension.

Seniors like Corey Boland seem to have no issues with their decisions to miss school,

“I would have gone all the way to school for 27 minute class periods. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” Boland said.