College Visits: Are they Beneficial?


During junior year, many students begin their college search. Many students are finding out the positive and negative impacts of college visits.
Over fall break, I visited several colleges. For the most part, I found them helpful in my college search and I can see how they could potentially be harmful.
If students visit too many colleges, they could get overwhelmed and the colleges could lose their value, or what made them special. The best way to avoid this is to only officially visit schools that offer something different that others don’t.
College visits could also be harmful if people do not pay attention or if people take them too seriously. College visits are a great way to decide if a college is right. They are great for helping decide if it is an appropriate place for a student to attend. However, if students don’t listen to the visit coordinators or opt out of potentially helpful opportunities that colleges offer, the visit could be useless.
Overall, if students take advantage of every opportunity that colleges offer and make the best of their visits, they can be incredibly helpful. They can allow students to determine if one college is better than another, or if a student could see themselves attending that school.