French exchange students visit NC


Tim meets three NC seniors in stage crew.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, 26 French students and three of their teachers arrived in Indianapolis.

One of the French students who is visiting North Central this week is senior Timothée Terrier.

“We are here for two weeks in America,” Terrier said.

Though they are in Indianapolis this week, they also visited and will visit other cities in America.

“We are here for two weeks in America. We are in Indianapolis for one week. We went to Chicago first, but there were problems with the plane, so we were there for one day instead of two. After Indianapolis, we will go to New York for three days,” Terrier said.

This trip is a requirement for the Baccalaureate, which is a test that is required to get into college in France.

“It is important to improve our language,” Terrier said.

“We have to go to another country practice English. It is part of the Baccalaureate, which is the final test of 12 grade,” Terrier said.

However, the main reason for their visit was to learn about life in America.

Along with going to school for the week these students next few days are loaded with experiencing as much of Indianapolis as possible.

“While we’re here, we’re going to see some museums. We’re visiting the state museum and the Children’s museum. We’re also going to conner prairie.”

-Esti Morris