Junior and Senior Class Council Q&A


(left to right) Senior Class Council: VP Yessica Santos, Secretary Jennifer Vergara, President Emma Burris, Treasurer Caleb Parker

Interviewee for Junior Class Council: President Lauren Schmahl

Interviewee for Senior Class Council: Treasurer Caleb Parker

Q: What are your major plans for this year?

Lauren Schmahl: “Planning SPEC, planning a super fun junior prom, and more events that will be revealed soon”

Caleb Parker: “To make senior year as fun as possible”


Q: What are some new and improved changes for this year compared to last year?

Lauren Schmahl: “This year we only have 3 people on council that are all girls, so we are not as diverse. We will try to incorporate everyone’s opinions through Twitter polls and we are in search of a male treasurer.”

Caleb Parker: “One of our main goals for this year is hoping to plan a senior trip.”


Q: What is your council’s first event for this year?

Lauren Schmahl: “Our first event is the tailgate: We are starting to get publicity for the event, with commercials on NC news coming soon. Our first Junior Class Council-specific event is homecoming.”

Caleb Parker: “We have the tailgate coming up, which is all-council, and hopefully the senior bonfire in October for our first council-specific event.


Q: What are some of the roles of the people in the top positions of the council for this year?

Lauren Schmahl: “All 3 members have experience and have been here before and hopefully the new treasurer as our 4th member.”

Caleb Parker: “We have 4 officers for this year: Emma Burris is president, Yessica Santos is the vice president, Jennifer Vergara as the secretary, and me as treasurer.”