Installation of new water fountains


     On Wednesday August 2nd, as students rushed to find their homeroom, Principal Branigan came over the intercom to announce to the student body a new rule was to be changed: Water bottles are now allowed to be used in the halls of North Central.

      With this new rule in place, more and more students are beginning to bring water bottles to school. With these new water bottles, comes the issue of where students can find a clean, cold water source to fill them up.

      Students no longer need to worry, because the water fountains throughout the halls are about to be reinvented. Introducing the new Elkay EZH2O, the ultimate source of water to fill up those hundreds of water bottles. As the water fountains throughout the school begin to have issues, they will be replaced with the Elkay EZH2O. Although this may be exciting, Assistant Principal Corn says there is no timeline on when these water fountains will begin installment. “When the next [water fountain] breaks, it will be replaced with the new ones,” Corn said. This could be in two weeks, it could be in two years.

     Students are eager to get this new technology despite how long they may have to wait. “I’m excited because the water will be filtered so it will taste better,” junior Nathan Branaman said.