Celebrities continuous influence


From the Kardashian sisters to Kodak Black, now more than ever, celebrities are influencing the lives of teenagers. Every time you turn on the TV or scroll through social media, celebrities are influencing you, but you may not always be thinking of the effect they are having on you and your daily life.

Teens are being negatively influenced by artists more than any other celebrity. When they hear these stars rapping about lives full of parties, alcohol, short-term relationships, and drugs they slowly begin to feel as if it is normal to live like them. And when they see these stars glamorizing dangerous activities, they often feel like in order to be “cool” they need to engage in similar things. Teens who try to imitate these celebrities may fall to different issues including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and low-self esteem.

While it is almost impossible to completely remove celebrities’ influence from your lives due to the prevalence of media in today’s world, it can be beneficial to focus your attention on positive role models who you aspire to be more like.