Junior Class Council Prepares for Prom Day


By Katie Manion and Maggie O’Donnell

The Junior Class Council is working hard to prepare for the junior prom. The 2017 junior prom will be held at the Egyptian room on Saturday, April 22.

This year’s theme is ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’ The council went through a long process to choose the prom theme.

“We had ten different options for themes and they went through the council and we voted, then we had officers present the final four and voted from there,” Junior Class Council President Emma Burris said.

The council chose the Egyptian room because of its large dance floor and ability to compensate the school’s large capacity. Prom used to be held here every year up until about 15 years ago. It’s is also very safe.

“The Egyptian room has its own security precautions,” Junior Class Council Treasurer Tim Bennett said.

Many people decide to bring a guest from another school to prom. In the event that this occurs, there are forms available to ensure the outside student’s ability to attend.

“There’s a dance request form in Mrs. Payne’s office and you have to have that signed and turned in before you buy tickets,” Burris said.

The form is important, as it ensures the school knows exactly who is at the prom for security reasons.

“All schools do it and it’s for the safety and security of all students,” Assistant Principal Tymika Payne said.

The council has been advertising the large event via commercials on the school news, posters on the walls, as well as a large sign at the stairwell of D and K, and via word of mouth.

Students have been preparing for the formal event by buying new dressy attire and making arrangements for hair and makeup to be done. Groups are getting together to eat dinner and take pictures with their friends beforehand as well.

“I’m doing my own make up and getting my hair done and going out to eat and get pictures with friends,” junior Keegan Stein said.

As prom grows closer, excitement from the junior class is becoming more evident, not only for the dance but also the extra events outside of the dance itself.

“I’m most excited about getting pictures at Union Station and eating at a five star restaurant,” junior Ethan Dunn said.

The junior class hopes for a memorable night with high attendance and a great time had by all.