Why Seniors Should Be Excused From Finals


Dear administrators,

Seniors should not have to take finals.

If you’ve made it to second semester senior year, you’ve proven yourself already. You’ve taken all your standardized tests including the SAT or ACT, passed your classes, turned in your senior paper and applied and even gotten accepted into colleges. You’ve done it all.

With the completion of all these tasks, why must it still be required to take these final examinations a week before you’re done with your high school career? It is not fair that a student with only one week left of high school, who is not going to have the motivation to do well on an exam, is forced to take a test that is up to 20 percent of a semester grade. Many students consider second semester classes too much work, making final exams seem even worse knowing they could determine a good grade from a bad one. Depending on the student’s absences, some teachers have allowed students in AP courses to take the AP Test in place of a final.

Seniors should instead spend this week enjoying their last days in high school with their friends, not stressing out about exams and final grades.