Students Manage Relationships at Different Schools


Many high school students are in relationships with other people in their school; however, some students have romantic relationships with people outside of school. This type of relationship can be challenging.

Junior Mia Purcell is in a relationship with a college students who previously attended North Central.

“It can be pretty difficult especially because we don’t have similar friends and we don’t really share the same experiences day to day. In some ways it can be super fun though because we both have so many stories to tell,” Purcell said.

Similarly, junior Hadley Johnson is dating Caleb Brown who attended North Central for his freshman and sophomore years, but transferred to Broad Ripple High School for his junior year.

“At first it was hard because I was so used to seeing him all the time are school. I remember being super dramatic about it and I didn’t want him to leave but after a while it got easier and now it’s at the point where it doesn’t feel hard at all anymore,” Johnson said.

Maintaining these relationships can be difficult, but these students still manage to spend time with their respective significant others.

“We spend a lot of time together outside of school and a lot of it actually has to do with his basketball career,” Johnson said, “We hang out almost everyday because I usually pick him up from practice and a lot of times I will take him to training sessions, AAU tournaments, or team bonding sessions. We also like to try new things like go downtown, and always looking for new restaurants. Sometimes it’s hard to balance his schedule with mine but we usually always find a way that it will work out. All it takes is support, trust, and love honestly.”

Spending less time with each other can be challenging for some couples, but there are advantages to this situation too.

“It would be nice to both go to the same school just because we miss each other a lot but sometimes space can be nice. It also makes the times we have together really special,” Purcell said, “We talk everyday so it really is not too different but we do not see each other as often as most couples get to. It involves a lot more trust and communication but in a way it makes our relationship stronger.”