How to Balance School and a Part Time Job


While some students are working on their homework, getting ready for a big test, or playing sports, many students work at a part time job.

During the day, a student will come to school at 7:25 a.m. and stay until 2:40 p.m. This is already a lot of time out a day, but those with jobs may go straight to work and get home at 8, 9 or 10 at night.

Personally, I work a part time job and sometimes get home late at night. I personally believe that it is necessary to to know how to balance school and work. When applying for a job, I recommend getting making sure a student’s grades are up before turning in the application.

Others have the same mentality.

“I think that if [students] can balance school and a job, they should be fine, but if they can’t, school should be your first priority,” Senior Luke Rumer said, “If I had a job, I think I’d be able to balance both school and education.”

Senior Eli Marsh, who has a job, agrees that having a part time job is hard to balance.

“It’s hard to juggle recreation, schoolwork, and business at the same time,” Marsh said.

In my case, I am able to handle having a job while in school. When I get home, I instantly start doing my homework. Everybody is in a different situation when it comes to money but if you can finish a decent amount of homework, then you should be okay for the next day at school and still work decent hours.

In my opinion, people in AP and honors courses should not have a job. Those classes require hours of homework, and there will be some days that you will not finish at home, and you may start to fall behind.

The pros to having a job is being able to earn pocket money for fun or for college. However, it’s up to the person to know when to make education the first priority.
The key to having a part time job is to gauge how to handle it. If a student is falling behind in school, then that person should cut back on hours at work. However, if the students finds that they can manage good grades along with a part-time job, then working more can be a good option.