Why an Additional Break During Second Semester is Necessary


During first semester we have a significant amount of breaks such as fall break, Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. However, during second semester we only have Presidents’ Day off. That is only one day and then spring break that it at the end of March.

I think that there should have a break in early February to help separate the time and give students more opportunities to recover from school. The break should last about 3-5 school days. The days could even be added into President’s Day. If anything, this decision will be for the better since students will come back from the break well rested and ready to learn.

Even though school starts extremely early during first semester, there are have enough breaks that students can make it to winter break. It is a lot more difficult during second semester going from January to the end of May with only one break. It would be very beneficial to have a break so that students have the chance to be well rested and motivated to complete the semester.