Rappers Promote Music on SoundCloud


Many students have taken interest in SoundCloud music and rapping. SoundCloud is an application that gives unknown artists a place to post their music.

Many of these rappers have gotten inspiration from many popular artists.

“Travis Scott and Lil Vert are my biggest inspirations because they have the best performances,” junior Evan Chamberlain said, “Performance is an aspect in music that I think has been lost, so I want to bring it back.”

The music world can become very competitive and many compete against other artists for popularity in their songs.

“I do have rivals because North Central is full of rappers and I got to make sure I’m being heard,” junior Benny Solomon said.

However, there are other students who consider other fellow rappers more as companions.

“I currently don’t have any rivals,” Chamberlain said, “I respect and love anyone who is making their own music since I know how it is. It makes me so much more appreciative of others crafts.”

Being a student and trying to succeed in a music career can be difficult with finding the proper equipment on a low budget. But these rappers seem to find their way with professional equipment.

“The equipment we tend to use are new mics, computers and amps,” Solomon said.

Solomon explained some issues about being a rapper.

”Some problems that have occurred in my process is writer’s block. Some recording issues are finding a studio to record in and not being lazy,” Solomon said.

Some may take rapping seriously but Solomon seems to do it for fun.

”I don’t think I am considering music for my future, it’s more of a hobby but maybe,” Solomon said.

Sophomore Mason Rudd, also known as Rudd Music, is like many other students who have a strong passion for music and express themselves through rapping and music on SoundCloud.

Rudd has gone through obstacles to get to where he is with his music but he hopes to see success in his future.

“Sometimes I lack motivation, that would be my biggest problem,” Rudd said, “I hopefully will continue with my music career.”