Student Accepted to Study Abroad in College Program


While many seniors will be participating in the traditional college experience next year, senior Claire Dallman will be participating in a unique program. Dallman will be attending New York University in New York City starting in the fall.

Dallman has visited the New York University campus many times over the years and has dreamed of going there for all of high school.

“I’ve always loved the idea of going to school in a big city. When I visited, I fell in love! I also was really interested in the extensive opportunities to study abroad as I have always loved to travel,” Dallman said.

She decided she wanted to attend New York University because she did not think that the local colleges offered what she wanted. Dallman wanted a more personalized and specialized program.

“When looking for a college I wasn’t really interested in going for a typical college experience,” Dallman said, “Going to a big state school would not have been the right fit for me so I am happy that I get to have a college experience that’s more fit to my interests.”

Beginning next year, Dallman will travel abroad for her first four semesters of college.

“I’m participating in the Global Liberal Studies program which is a liberal arts program with a global focus. I will spend two years (freshman and junior) abroad in Florence, Italy and the other two in New York City,” Dallman said.

The specialized liberal arts program is exactly what Dallman was looking for in order to have a unique college experience.

“My major will just be in liberal arts. I chose this major because I’m very interested in culture, arts, literature, and history,” Dallman said, “Liberal arts is just a combination of all of these things.”

While it will be challenging to leave her family, Dallman is looking forward to her upcoming experience.

“It’s going to be really hard to leave my friends and family. The longest I’ve been away was for four weeks so it will definitely be hard having to go entire semesters without seeing my family, but they have all promised to visit. I also will have a really long winter break where I’ll come home and be able to visit with friends,” Dallman said.