Students Form Own Musical Band


Recently, a group of band students came together to form a band, Everybody Jaywalks. The current members include Adam Faler, Jacob Dzwonar, Sam Green, Mark Kincade, and Christien Ayers.

Every band has a certain style of music they usually play, however Everybody Jaywalks doesn’t specialize in just one type. They play any kind of music, such as, pop, funk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and latin. They pride themselves in being open to anything they are in the mood for.  

“It all started last year, when we all decided to get together at Sam’s house. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it a regular occurrence. Towards the beginning of this year, we decided to add Christien to the band and here we are now,” senior Adam Faler said.

They do not have a specific place in which they perform because they are still trying to figure out a way to practice with their busy schedules.

“Normally, we just go to one of our houses and play whatever comes to mind or continue working on a song we started the last time we were together. Unfortunately, we’re all pretty busy, and coordinating and preparing for a show takes a lot of time, so we haven’t had an official performance yet. All of our schedules clear up towards the end of the year so we plan to be pretty active then,” Faler said.

The band has been active for the last nine months. They are going to continue to play for the next couple months, and plan on doing performances when their schedules clear up.  

“I’m sure all of the others can say the same, but for me, playing with other real musicians at the same time is an experience like none other. Compared to sitting in my room and playing by myself or along with whatever I can find on the internet, the feeling is completely different and pretty incredible when it all comes together just right,” Faler said.

“I think that creating music, as opposed to just covering already written songs, is a completely different experience of growing friendships because it forms a unique bond that is only evident through our music,” senior Mark Kincade said.

The group of musicians hope to perform live in front of audiences soon.

“I’m really excited for when we can start to pull things together and begin performing in front of a live audience,” Faler said.