Senior Class Council Prepares for Schoolwide Blood Drive

Senior Class Council Prepares for Schoolwide Blood Drive

Each winter the senior class council presents the annual blood drive, aiming to supply the Indiana Blood Center with as many donations as possible.

“One pint of blood saves three lives,” said senior class council member Abby Peterson. Different schools around the state of Indiana participate in the blood drive, however north central’s drive stands out among the rest.

“Carmel does two blood drives but ours is the largest single day high school blood drive,” senior Joey Mervis said.

Students feel that the blood drive is an impotant way to give back to people who are less fortunate than them.

“Donating blood is important because I have lots of it and some people don’t, and more schools should be involved in blood drives-the more schools the better,” sophomore Lily Manring said.

The students at North Central have thrown their support into the blood drive with about 500 donors each year. This year however, the senior class council is aiming to have more donors than ever before.

“This year we want to not have as many deferrals, help donors eat better and have more donors than last year,” Peterson said.

“I donate because I want to give back and Mrs. McNulty, my math teacher, she inspired me because she is a sweet woman and she had cancer,” Senior class council member Kit Hanley said.

Once the blood is collected from donors, it is sent to the Indiana Blood Center and is distributed to hospitals when it is needed.

“Blood is given to all hospital patients that need transfusions, such as people with cancer or people in accidents,” Leslie Decker said.