Students Protest at National Women’s March


By Ellie Cummings, Kelsie O’Brien and Lily Null

Saturday, Jan 21 millions all over the world assembled to fight for women’s rights and equality. Although the equality for women was the main focus, the march was used as an outlet for individuals to express their feeling of inequality in all aspects and for all people.

Many women and men gathered to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement, protest the gender wage gap and numerous other issues. The Indianapolis rally planned to have 15 speakers ranging from activists to the LGBTQ community. The intention of the rally was to bring people together as americans and express the rights for many.

Despite the name, many men attended the march to protest as well. The point of the rally was the inclusion of all people. Many students from North Central attended the rally.

“Men shouldn’t be afraid to go to the women’s marches just because of the name,” Lily Mcsheffery said.

This is a tremendous experience for people who care to fix issues and make a change.

“It was one of the most crowded places I’ve ever been yet everyone was so nice,” Cora Gordon said.

Rallies took place all over the world, with far more people participating than expected. The main rally took place in Washington D.C. with many people visiting D.C. just for the women’s march.

“I drove to DC over 2 days, and missed a day of school to do so. Walking out onto the blocked off streets, surrounded by women and men peacefully protesting and a speech being made over multiple speakers, was a moment I won’t forget. Throughout all the speeches given, as well as the actual march, I’ve never felt as patriotic and proud to be an American as in that moment,” senior Olivia Burke said.

This experience helped people convey what they believe in and was also a terrific experience for many. Lots of people went from ages 85 to young kids who may be oblivious to the problems, yet attended with parents attempting to make a change.

“I went to the March to stand up for the rights of women, as well as other various minorities, under this new administration. I understand Donald Trump is president, and I respect the office of the presidency. However, I demand to be treated with the same respect I give his position, despite our ideological differences. I marched to ensure that I, and women around this country, will be treated equally, with respect, dignity, and granted our freedoms,” Burke said.

The Women’s March had a huge impact on many women and was said to be a very eye opening experience. Peaceful protests can be an efficient and effective way to attempt to make a change to problems that are going on in the world. Although immediate changes might not come from the Women’s March, it was a powerful way to make the people’s voices heard.

“I think it has [made a difference]. I am not sure if Donald Trump was listening, he seems pretty into alternative facts, but I do believe congress was listening and should respect the voice of the people. It is significant that 2.9 million women and men across the country, and globally, marched in protest of the new administration’s platform. I hope they understand that we will not be silent, and any infringement on our rights and freedoms as equal citizens in this country will merit a reaction,” Burke said.

The impressive support and turnout for the women’s march suggests a change in the societal expectations and opinions of the United States. For many, the Women’s March is a sign of hope.

“I truly believe the rights guaranteed to us in the constitution are of great significance, and it is our duty as citizens to exercise the rights we have been afforded. I’m not happy with the administration, or party, in power, but I have the voice and ability to speak up and out against the things I find offensive. Additionally, the march reassured me of the direction this country is going. The march reassured me that there are citizens across this nation who will not sit idly by as our legacy goes to waste. I think the opportunity for peaceful protest within the last few decades will be at an all time high for the next four years, and I will gladly attend any that I can,” Burke said.