Walter Haire Q&A


Q: What made you decide to go to Bowling Green University?


A: “I decided to go to Bowling Green because they felt like home. It felt comfortable. I liked the coaches and the players. I would say the program is building onto something big and I want to be a part of it.”


Q: When you got injured earlier in the school year, were you worried about losing your scholarship?


A: “Yes, when it first happen, that was the only thing that was going through my head. I was scared that I was going to start from square one again and work to try to get another school to offer me a scholarship but, everything worked out with them. I was committed to them, and they were committed to me.”


Q: What is your favorite part of the program at Bowling Green University?


A: “My favorite part of the program is the level of competition. They might not play the big SCC schools but they play higher MAC schools. We play Michigan State and Northwestern next year and the year after that we play Oregon, so I would say the program is on the rise.”


Q: What was your initial reaction when you received the offer?


A: “I was so happy. I was at a football camp when it happen. I worked hard and was excited when he told me. I was excited to the point that I had to let the coach re say what he had said.”


Q: What do you think is going to be the hardest thing about transitioning from high school to college?


A: “The hardest part is probably going to be maintaining my schedule. Also managing what I have to do and what I want to do.”