Early Graduating Seniors Start New Beginnings


By Ashley Glesing and Maddie Scarpone

Every year, a handful of seniors graduate a semester early. Those seniors meet the amount of credit requirements to graduate and take it upon themselves to leave NC early.

After graduating, the graduates take on a multitudes. Some choose to get a head start in college, some decide to gather money and some just want to get out of high school.

Gus Wolf graduated early and spends his time the way he wants.

“Everyday I wake up whenever I want. I eat well and have plenty of time to exercise regularly. I spend a lot of time reading, learning about stuff that actually matters to me, and most of my time working on music,” Wolf said.

Many early graduates share the same reasoning behind graduating early.

“I was ready to be done as soon as possible. I wanted to give myself a break to really enjoy my life. It seems like after college it’s off to the real world so when are we supposed to enjoy ourselves? For me it’s right now,” Wolf said.

“I decided the graduate early because I wanted a change. I was sick of high school and I was ready to get away and experience new things, meet new people and start on my career path,” Demi Avgoustis said.  

Counselors are in support of early graduates and work hard for students to stay on track and succeed their own ways.

“Early graduation depends on the student. If the student is interested in going onto college, most colleges prefer that those students graduate with their class for the experiences in high school and the maturity. It depends on what a student who wants to graduate early wants to do. It’s always something I recommend a students talk to the college of their choice before they do it,” college counselor Susie Bremen said

Early graduates like Wolf and Avgoustis have already got to work on the goals and have a plan for their future.

“I am currently a freshman at Ball State and I am majoring in fashion merchandising and minoring in marketing. I am actually very happy with my decision. I wanted a change and change is what I got. I will be back for all the senior stuff at the end of May, but until then I am just living life,” Avgoustis said.

“I have a job at an upscale Mexican restaurant downtown called Festiva. Next Fall I will attend Berklee College of Music where I hope to double major in music production and electronic music production. I am unsure as to where that will take me but as I like to say, dream big,” Wolf said.