Senior Achieves Skydiving Goal


By Mary Alexander and Lily Null

A risk taking student decided to try out a new activity and went skydiving recently. Morgan Hughey wanted a unique experience for her birthday, so she asked her parents to let her go skydiving.

“I have always wanted to go and I figured that would be a great birthday present so I decided that is what I should ask to do,” senior Morgan Hughey said.

Hughey traveled to Frankfort Indiana and went skydiving through the Skydiving in Indianapolis company. Since it was one of her birthday presents, she tried to go around the time of her birthday, but the weather delayed her experience.

“I went in late October. I was supposed to go on my birthday but the weather pushed it back three times,” Hughey said.

Before Hughey could go skydiving, the company required her to watch a safety information video and fill out a waiver.

“First they tell you how you are supposed to position yourself when you fall and then they put you in the harness and show you a video, you have to sign all these waivers very first,” Hughey said.

After watching the video and filling out the waiver, Hughey was able to go up in the plane and begin her experience.

“Then you get in the plane with everyone and they take you up [in the plane] which takes like ten minutes but then they open the door and you sit with your feet hanging off the edge and the instructor counts to three and rocks back then kind of pushes you out with him and then you free fall and your parachute goes out,” Hughey said.

Once she jumped out of the plane, Hughey explains her experience while falling.

“It was cold when falling at a little over 13,000 feet, but and my ears popped but it went by really fast. It was supposed to be about one minute of free fall but it felt like 20 seconds,” Hughey said.

Skydiving is an activity that many people cannot experience or too scared to, but Hughey chose to participate anyways.
“It was really fun and thrilling and different and I would go again,” Hughey said.