Production for Spring Play Begins


This year’s spring play is a comedy called “Noises Off”. It is a cast of nine actors, all of whom are members of repertory theater. It is considered one of the most competitive and complicated shows the school has ever attempted to put on for several reasons.

“It is really heavy on movement. During act 2, act 1 is also going on, making it a play within a play. This structure makes it extremely difficult to remember what to do,” junior Mia Purcell said.

“Noises Off” is a show about another show, so it requires actors to seamlessly switch between English and American accents. The individuals who tried out for these roles needed to perfect their accents, making it even more difficult to earn a spot.

“As an actor, it is confusing, fast moving, but absolutely hilarious and perfect for a high school audience,” senior Lucy Wehlage said.

Lots of people tried out and because there are were only nine open spots, it was a competitive audition process.

“Out of 40 people who auditioned, about 15 were called back to re-audition for a specific role. From there, only nine were selected so I feel extra special and honored to be apart of such a selective and intimate group,” Wehlage said.

Preparing for auditions required an extensive amount of time and work considering the circumstances.

“To prepare, I found a monologue from a show I like that speaks to me and the character I auditioned for. For an auditory perspective, I normally record myself saying the monologue and listen to it as much as possible until I am completely memorized,” Wehlage said.

Because this is an advanced play to perform, it is necessary that they begin rehearsals far earlier than previous acts they have done.

“Rehearsals started January 13th and will usually take place a few times during the school week, and on Fridays and Saturdays. As the opening day gets closer though, rehearsals will be every day,” Purcell said.