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Senior Nick Taylor has been creating videos and posting them on YouTube for nearly five years.

“I actually started making YouTube videos back in 2010,” Taylor said, “I fell off with it until about mid August of 2016. I knew YouTube was for me when I got good reception from just being myself and expressing my creativity through my videos. People would come up to me and tell me they liked my videos or my editing. Knowing that I was doing what I loved to do made me think that maybe I could go somewhere with this.”

Taylor’s persistence with perfecting his YouTube channel, and sometimes re-creating a brand new channel, came from a place of self-judgment.

“It wasn’t so much as fear hindering me from putting out content, although that played a role, but myself always being critical of my work and anything I put my time into,” Taylor said, “I could love a video as I’m filming it and editing it but once I upload it, I’ll notice imperfections of some kind and that would result in me deleting videos or channels. Plus not having something like a good camera to create quality content played a big role.”

Back in 2010, and in the years following, Taylor’s content consisted of two things: thrift hauls and original music.

Instead of calling the videos thrift hauls, Taylor would title them “Trips to the Thrift”, where rather than just showing what he purchased, Taylor would film himself, sometimes with his mother, sifting through all of the clothes that Goodwill had to offer.

As for his family and friends, Taylor likes to think they support him and his YouTube endeavours.

“A good portion of my family doesn’t even know I do YouTube,” Taylor said. “Although I don’t really care what people think about what I do with my time, YouTube is one of those things that no one really cares about unless you’re super successful with it. As far as my friends, they all know I create YouTube videos and they all want to be in them.”

Terrion Abrams, a former student and friend of Taylor, has collaborated with the young youtuber not once, but twice.

Now, in 2017, Taylor’s content has become more broad.

“My content usually varies between comedy sketches, music reviews and vlogs,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s music reviews, in which he listens to various songs and albums, are his most popular viewed videos as of 2017.

Taylor’s reaction to rapper Post Malone’s hit single “Déjà Vu”, has 7,554 views, making it his most viewed video to date.

When it boils down to inspiration, Taylor credits two well-known YouTubers.

“My favorite YouTubers would have to be Jae & Trey Richards,” Taylor said. “Their content is creativity, comedy and overall quality. They are the kind of people that see the norm and tend to stray away from it. Not in a typical corny ‘I’m so different, I don’t wanna be like anybody else’ type of way. They naturally break barriers.” Taylor said.  

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has become a career path for many of its users.

“I would consider doing YouTuber as a career,” Taylor said, “It actually pays good just for you being yourself. A lot of people don’t think it could be a real job but with doing anything creative, people are going to look down upon it until they see tremendous success come from it.”

Right now, Taylor has accumulated almost 400 subscribers, making his goal of a million into even more of an reality.

“As long as I’m having fun and [YouTube] is benefiting me financially enough to live off of, the subscribers don’t matter,” Taylor said, “Growth is always good to see and a million people thinking you’re worthy of a subscription is extremely good.”

Taylor recommends his videos for people who are unapologetically themselves.

“If you’re a fan of people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, loves the arts, loves to grow and works extremely hard in anything he’s passionate about, you’ll definitely love my content. Plus, you’ll get a good laugh out of it.” Taylor said.

Taylor can be found on YouTube under the name “Nick Taylor”.

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