Lip Dub Production Faces Challenges


By Annie Cummings and Will Cagnassola

Inspired by Avon High School and their recent success with the Riley Children’s Hospital Lip Dub, North Central is attempting to follow suit and find success of their own. Led by the Senior Class Council, there are certainly logistical challenges ahead, but the group is confident in their planning.

They have begun selecting people to be the main singers throughout the video.

“All donations are going to a Riley specific funds that go to whichever cause they think necessary,” senior Joseph Mervis said.

Hoping to make a lasting impact throughout the community, the group’s leaders know that there is a need to reach out to all those in the school without exception.

“We are hoping to reach as many clubs and people as possible, we are trying to get about 1,500 to 2,000 people. Right now we have about 1,000 people,” Mervis said.

The major problem that the Senior Class Council has faced is the fact that the administration will not allow for the Lip Dub to be shot during school hours.

“One of things that Avon had that we don’t is that all students had a free reading period during the day, so they were able to shoot their lip dub during school hours,” Mervis said.

Because the Senior Class Council established the date of the Lip Dub during the same week as the boys basketball sectionals, some worry that multiple clubs including the basketball team will not be able to participate.

“We put the event on the date with the fewest activities possible so that everyone will be able to participate. It’s only a five to seven minute shoot, so if Coach Mitchell would like his boys to be represented we would really love to have them,” Senior Class Council Sponsor Leslie Decker said.