Underdog Spec Earns Spot in the Top Four


Junior Specs are typically known for their school-related inside jokes and sneaky disses, however; the class of 2018’s “A Shakespearean Horror” chose to approach spec with a twist.

Usually written by three writers, “A Shakespearean Horror” features only one writer, Christopher Anderson. With its Shakespearean humor and script consisting of iambic pentameter, it is certainly a refreshing take on what specs are all about.

“[The spec is] Shakespeare language and mixed with a zombie apocalypse movie. It has the dark Shakespeare ideas like stabbing but also has the the ridiculous zombie apocalypse humor. It’s a great combination,” junior Eddie Osburn said.

With the other three specs, “Yikes!”, “All In Your Head”, and “Holy Grail” all consisting of a large cast, Anderson’s currently features a relatively small group of approximately 13 members.

Once the final specs were announced, the majority of the crowd was shocked.

“I was pretty surprised when they announced it had made the cut. It is so unlike the other final specs, but I think it’ll be really interesting. I think the humor really appealed to the teachers and judges and is essentially why they chose it as a final spec,” junior and member of the spec “Yikes!”, Maci Haywood said.

Even members of the Shakesperian play were pleasantly surprised that their spec had made the cut.

“I was honestly so surprised and pretty freaked out, but I’m overall very excited for what’s to come,” Osburn admits, “Most specs revolve around jokes about Carmel and aspects of North Central, however ours is really going to stand out compared to the rest.”