The Battle of the Games


The Olympics are the all time greatest sporting spectacle to exist.

Over the years there have been debates on whether the winter or summer games are more entertaining. The winter games include unique, yet grueling sports such as bobsled, curling, speed and figure skating, among many others.

Although, these sports are certainly physically demanding and impressive, they falter in comparison to the excitement of the summer sports. The Summer Olympics encapture the talents of swimmers, track runners, gymnasts, beach volleyball players, and many more.

The summer games include more relevant sports, and have the most well known athletes competing. These athletes include the unmatched Michael Phelps, the amazing Usain bolt, and the awe inspiring Simone Biles. These athletes excel in their fields, and are quite frankly the faces for the United States when we think of the games.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there are a plethora of name worthy athletes that take part in the Winter Games, they are just not as prevalent due to the loss of hype for the sports they compete in.

When you initially think of the Olympics, what sports come to mind? Immediately, images of swimmers, track runners, gymnasts, and volleyball players fill your imagination because those are the sports that America wants to watch. Those are the sports that define the Olympic Games. Therefore, the Summer Games outweigh the Winter Games on the entertainment and memorability factors.

Now, who’s ready for Tokyo 2020?