Competition in Intramural Basketball Rises


After the third week of the intramural basketball season, the competitiveness is in full swing. Teams in both the A and B leagues battle to move up in the league standings, to try to put themselves in a good position leading to the postseason.

The A league favorites going into the season included Team DM’s, also known as Doug’s Mistakes, along with Team Ellis and Team Fortson. However, only one of those favorites remain undefeated.

Week three’s matchup of Doug’s Mistakes and Team Fortson resulted in some controversy and complaints about the referees.

“It was a tough loss to a good team. My whole team was going hard but our big man got injured four minutes into the game. We had the lead most of the game, but towards the end the ref blew it for us,”  senior Blake Juerling said.

Stand outs include Joshua Pack from DM’s, Tyronne Caldwell from Team Ellis, and Rickey Bonds from Team Fortson. Although it is early, the Swagner Award is in favor of these three boys.

As the season heats up, the competition is getting serious. Junior Josh Pack from DM’s is ready to face the challenge alongside his team.

“Every game we go into we think we can win it, as soon as you give up your whole team gives up so the key is to straight grind and make plays,” Pack said.

After week four one key headline is Team Brady’s continued struggle with an 0-4 start. Sophomore Brian McAuley is realistic yet optimistic for the rest of the season.

“We are in a tough spot it’s no secret,” McAuley said, “We just need to find our chemistry as a team and start hitting our shots that’s all.”

With 10 games left in the season the league is still wide open and one thing is for sure, the tension felt by all teams will only grow from here on out.