FAFSA Day Q&A with Susie Bremen


By Ally Carroll and Metta Thomas

With the upcoming FAFSA day taking place at NC on December 7, NCHSLive! sat down with college coordinator Susie Bremen to discuss what seniors should expect. Bremen emphasized students placing Indiana based schools first on their FAFSA applications regardless if it’s the student’s first choice or not. In addition, the FAFSA day program is funded by the PTO and a grant from the Advancement Center. The official website for students to file their FAFSAs is https://fafsa.gov.

Q: Why should seniors take advantage of the FAFSA say opportunity?

A: There will be financial aid helpers there, they are experts in the field who will be answering questions and helping people file. It will be so much easier than trying it on your own. It’s also important to file as early as possible so colleges can process it, get people their financial aid if they’re qualified to make their college decisions earlier.

Q: What is the importance of filing your FAFSA? What is the FAFSA?

A: The FAFSA is the form that all college use as their baseline to get the financial aid process going, some only use that. Others will have their own form to supplement that. But the FAFSA is the first and foremost. It is the form that is used to determine if students are eligible for the Federal Pell grant, for state grant, if the student stay in state in Indiana, and for grants and scholarships.

I would encourage everyone to file even if the family thinks they won’t qualify for anything. For one, it’s the only way to get student loans, which is a lower rate and better terms. It also is a safety net, if a family member loses a job, if somebody in the family dies, or if the family take in another relative. Anything that changes the financial aid picture. Somebody who didn’t qualify for financial aid might after that change. It’s an insurance policy. It’s a form that might cause a little anxiety, just to make sure that you have it there if you need it.

Q: How long does it take to fill out the FAFSA?

A: It asks a lot, but it keeps getting more and more simplified over the years. They are trying to make it more easily accessible for all kinds of students and families. It’s not as complicated as people think it is, if they would read the instructions.

Q: How does North Central help student and families process it?

A: In addition to the FAFSA day, which basically goes 12 hours for a all day. We help with questions throughout the process. We have AVID teacher who learn how to do it. We have teachers who work ENL students and spanish speaking students. There are helpers all over the building who will sit down with students and assist.