Review of Oklahoma Production


North Central has yet again amazed us all with their fantastic musical extravaganza. I had quite a difficult time buying my ticket for the musical because of how many people were planning to attend. I was very excited to see the play and my expectations for the show were very high based off of last year’s equally amazing show. The time had come and I was comfortably in my seat ready to experience something amazing and let me say Oklahoma did not disappoint. The performances of the two main characters by seniors, Lucy Wehlage and Joey Mervis were absolutely flawless throughout the musical. I personally was extremely impressed and fascinated through the whole thing, and forgot that I was sitting in the NC auditorium watching people who went to the same school as myself. If I could recommend one thing to all NC students it would be to attend some type of theater show before you graduate. Long story short, Oklahoma did not disappoint and I am thrilled to see what is next for the theater program and choir organizations.