Questions and Answers with Catherine Seat


 Catherine Seat (wife of Pete Seat, a close friend of Eric Holcomb and key member of his campaign)

Q: Did you expect Indiana to remain Republican in this year’s election?

A: I really did. The state of Indiana, except for in 2008, has almost gone exclusively Republican. So it’s pretty clear for everyone to expect it unless some big tidal-wave of democratic support comes in, like Barack Obama in his first election. As Mike Pence likes to say very frequently “Indiana is the first state on the map” except I think we are fighting with Kentucky over that this year though.

Q: As far as the national election, how well do you think the GOP will end up doing tonight?

A: I think as far as senate races go CNN has republicans leading in most of those, which I think is a really good place to start out. By the end of the night I believe that our senate race with Todd Young will go our way. Everyone is really optimistic at this point. We will see what actually happen, but I think we are feeling really good. And nationally even if something doesn’t end up the way we want it’s really important that we keep the house and senate, and fortunately I think we are on track to do that.

Q: Who has your vote across the elections and what part of their stance or platform was appealing to you?

A: So for President I did vote for Donald Trump, I saw that being a republican myself I should go ahead and vote republican.I thought the interesting part of Trump was just that he was an outsider and people see him breaking out of the standard political role and creating a new kind of politician. As for Holcomb there’s no doubt in my mind he is going to win. He is an all around patriot and the next leader of this state.