Bathroom Courtesy


In a seven hour school day, it is likely that many students will enter the bathrooms. But how long are students willing to hold their bladders due to an unacceptable bathroom environment? From behavior in the bathrooms to the general cleanliness of our facilities, I and many other students are fed up with the state of our school’s bathrooms. It’s time we discuss some ever-growing issues in our bathrooms.


It seems anymore, that every time I walk into a bathroom stall, for one reason or another, there are toilets that have not been flushed by their previous users. At times this can be extremely foul. What makes people think that just because they aren’t at home, that they can be disrespectful not only to other students, but to the custodians who clean the bathrooms each day?

Other students agree that cleanliness of the bathrooms is important.

“If that’s your bathroom, would you want to leave it like that?” senior Daria Borthwick said.

Custodians can only do as much as humanly possible, and many times that isn’t enough to keep the bathrooms clean throughout the school day. It is our responsibility as students, as people who use the facilities, to keep our school bathrooms clean.


It’s one of those days, a day in which you don’t want to even get out of bed in the morning. But you do, and so you drag yourself to school at the last minute. You mosey into the school bathroom and start getting ready so you can walk out looking glamorous; however, what you didn’t realize is that you left all of your mess littering the bathroom.

Girls leave smeared makeup all over the sinks, hair clogging the drains. Boys leave gel smeared everywhere.

“There’s hair all in the sinks,” said junior Cealia Tolliver.

Need we say more? It’s great that you want to look nice and I’m sure you do, but please do all of these things at home. Need a touch-up? Great, but please clean up afterwards. We all have our priorities, and one of those may be to look amazing, but looking good does not need to be a messy ordeal. It will take two seconds to clean up your mess, try it sometime.


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good smelling cologne or perfume just as much as the next person, but not when it destroys all of my brain cells in a single whiff.

The most common place that I see this is in the bathrooms. It’s like a wall that you run into as soon as you enter the room. What is most irritating about this is that the smell doesn’t leave, it lingers.

“People need to realize that they’re responsible for bathrooms of hundreds and thousands of students in the school,” said senior Susie Sullivan.
Please, out of common courtesy, stop drenching yourself and the bathrooms in perfume and cologne. Two sprits in the morning and a touch up mid-day. As students and as bathroom users, it is our responsibility to preserve our bathrooms and make them a clean and nice place, just as we do for the rest of the building.