Hardships in High School-College Relationships


For some, being in a relationship is a top priority. Dating someone older can be new and exciting, but it can also be difficult when your significant other leaves for college.

High school relationships can last from as little as a couple of months to up to multiple years. Although prom and school activities are fun with your special someone, there comes a time at the end of the year where it must come to an end.

Regardless of whether your significant other is going to college in state or not, distance is always a major obstacle. This separation requires both trust and strong communication from both sides.

Despite distance being a main cause for breakup, senior year can pose many problems on its own. With the time consuming processes such as college applications and essays, it does not leave much time for a full-commitment relationship.

Current senior Morgan Hughey says the biggest struggle she faced as a junior dating a senior was communication.

“We both became super busy, and we just lacked the overall communication” Hughey said.

Although this can be a busy time for seniors, Hughey argues “The most important aspect of maintaining a relationship is patience. It can take weeks to fully communicate and come to an understanding of a problem.”

There are many other influences concerning this big change that could be cause for breakup. College involves a new environment filled with new people, and for some, they want to begin this experience with a fresh start.

Although these relationships may be difficult, there are ways of maintaining them. Senior Olivia Willem, who is close to celebrating 10 and a half months with her now college boyfriend, has proved it is possible.

“The transition when I went back to school and when he left for college was really tough but as time has gone on we have found things that work for us and help us stay close even though we don’t see each other as much” Willem said.

When the two aren’t hanging out or finding time throughout their busy schedules to text each other, they find that Facetime is a great way to see each other when they can’t be together.

“The hardest part of having a boyfriend in college is the distance” senior Grace Clark said.

As a way to cope with this difficulty, Clark says she relies on friends and family for their support.

Many expect that the end of senior year means the end of a relationship. Although it may be hard, with the use of Facetime and strong communication, it is possible to conquer distance and avoid heartbreak.