Don’t Count Football Out


There is a lot of hype surrounding the NC football team this year. With new uniforms, a new attitude, and new star players the team is more than ready to finally get back out on the field.

Coming off of an 0-10 season there are still many disbelievers who think that NC football will never see another victory. The team is ready to prove those disbelievers wrong and win at last. I believe that this year will be a strong and win-filled season.

With a lot of preparation coming into the new season, the Panthers are ready to fight and come out victorious. The team started conditioning over the summer, giving them a chance to become familiar with the plays and new teammates.

I have talked with over half of the team and discussed expectations for the season and every single member of the team is hungry to win. From what I’ve seen and heard, I have not been disappointed nor had any doubt that we won’t win a game this season. The old, winning NC team is back. The three year losing era is finally coming to an end.

Due to it being their last season, expect the seniors to really step up their game. They’d like to leave the losing legacy behind and rekindle that winning attitude. NC has a really great football program aside from what many believe. Many of the players are going on to play Division 1 football in college and the team has been getting recognized as the underdog this season.

From watching some of the practices and talking to the determined players I can say for a fact the fans will not be disappointed this season.The team is hungry and ready to bring home a win to the three year drought. Don’t count out the panthers. We’ll be able to call the 2016 season a winning one. Are you ready North Central?