Lack of Lockers for Student Body


On the first day of school, many students found out they were not issued a locker. There are more students enrolled than there are available lockers. Many of these students that were not issued a locker are upperclassmen, more specifically seniors.

Many seniors are frustrated that they were not issued a locker. This will inconvenience many people.

“It will inconvenience me. I do not have anywhere to put books that I need for class,” senior Meena Moorthy said.

Freshmen were given lockers before any other grade. Seniors were issued lockers last.  

“We have 300+ students more than there are lockers,” assistant principal, Mike Akers, said. “Prioritization goes to freshmen on up as seniors are the most adaptive class in the building because they have been here the longest.”

Several students without lockers are coming up with alternative ways to store their belongings. Students are putting their books in teachers rooms or sharing a locker with a friend who has one.

“They should encourage sharing lockers because if there was one locker for every two freshmen, at least half the seniors could have a locker. Or if underclassmen are not going to use their locker they can give it back,” senior Kate McLarty said. “I would be fine with sharing a locker with a friend.”

With the large influx of students, there is really no quick fix to the situation. But, more lockers are becoming available as students leave tbe school district and others are given back to the administration.

“As lockers become available resulting from students who leave to go to another school district, those lockers become available,” Akers said. “Students can stop by the Dean’s Office to check as they become available.”