Fall Play to Begin Productions


This fall North Central theater is giving an opportunity to see all 44 presidents, right here, live at NC. In chronological order the play shows the good and the bad of all presidents.  

This year the play is expected to be not only “funny and dramatic but also very educational,” actor, Jacob Gage said.

The twist to the play is that all president are played by actresses, not only making the play very funny but challenging to these high school for both actors and actresses to play the part of an opposite gender.

“I think that the play will be extremely interesting and eye opening because it shows all the presidents as people rather than presidents,” Gage said.

“44 Plays for 44 Presidents” is directed by Nathan Shewell who has held rehearsals everyday after school until 5:30p.m. and is hoping to start this year off with a strong performance.

“This show is a must see for everyone! If you think our current political events are the first, you might be surprised. Full of laughs and poignant moments that make you realize our political history is rife with Trump’s, Hillary’s, and Bernie’s,” Shewell said.

Other students acting in the play are excited for the upcoming show as well.

“I’m excited because I love America and it’s the perfect way to approach the upcoming election,” Lucy Wehlage said.

Not only is the theater department working hard for this play but also the stagecraft classes are preparing for the play. In preparation for the play Mike Lamirand and his stagecraft classes are responsible for creating all sets seen in the play. The main task is building a 24 feet by 3 foot teeter-totter.

“It’s going to be a challenge, never done anything like it before, I am still in the engineering stage but think it will turn out well,” Lamirand said.
Tickets can be sold before the play and at the door on opening night which is set to premiere September 10th.