Gym Assistants Shouldn’t Get the Credit


Many upperclassmen choose to take their gym credits either junior or senior year. This leaves the opportunity for them to become a gym assistant instead of a gym student. These students still receive a gym credit but do not have to participate in the regular activities. The gym assistants or GAs will help the teacher set up activities and keep the class organized.

With only two gym credits required to graduate, it does not make sense that one of these credits can be acquired from being an assistant. One credit can come from a student participating and completing a season of any sport. The other credit can either come from one semester of gym during the school year or one session of gym in summer school. It should be required that each student participate in at least one semester of gym. By participating, they would work out every day with the other students in their class.

Most other schools require students to have at least one semester of gym every year. It seems unreasonable that students only have to complete two semesters. The reason for this is probably because most students do not have time for an extra class every semester. Most would rather have a study hall or add another elective to their schedule. The school should push students to be more active in athletics and in gym classes. There are plenty of other opinions after the two basic gym credits, such as fitness.

Gym assistant should be a replacement for a study hall just like a student helper is. Since most students do things for other classes instead of helping out the teacher, they should not receive the credit. A physical education class means movement and exercise. GAs mostly work on their homework and walk around the school freely. Being a gym assistant seems like a great opportunity, but most of the GAs take advantage of it.