ISTEP is back?


Most high school students were excited after they took their final ISTEP test in 8th grade, unfortunately it is returning with a new name, “ISTEP+.” This new test is designed to check how well the students have learned the material.

Starting next year, ISTEP+ or the Graduation Qualifying Exam, will be replacing the End of Course Assessments in Algebra I and English 10. This will be an assessment used for accountability in high school english and mathematics.

The sophomore class this year will be going through the transition period which means they will be taking both ECA and ISTEP+.

The purpose of this test will be to see the student’s achievements in english and mathematics. The test will also include blueprints that could guide or assist instructors to understand the knowledge, skill and abilities required of the students on the assessment.

The GQE will be similar to the ECA with two sections including an applied skills assessment, a multiple choice portion and technology enhanced item assessment. If the student doesn’t pass the test, they can retake the test their junior and senior year of high school.

ISTEP+ will help the teachers better prepare the students to pass the test.