Is Restraint Needed at the End of Basketball Games?


At the conclusion of every home basketball game, regardless the result, administrators line the home section of the basketball court. In their hands, the staff holds a large rope, which they use to restrain all students and other fans from entering the court area. Although it has been a school policy for years, many students continue to detest the administrative ritual.

“Games with us running on the court would be so much better and more exciting,” junior Kate McClarty said. “[Students] would get to celebrate with the team as a school.”

Participants in the student section often chant personal cheers at the other team. Although these chants may seem ill-tempered and irrational, most students insist that the cheers have no concrete meaning.

“We are just talking [when we chant], it doesn’t actually mean anything,” sophomore Owen Klee said.

Despite complaints from students, the administration maintains that the rope is absolutely necessary.

“It’s to keep students off the floor. We want kids to be excited especially if we’re doing well. but there has to be a limit to what students can do,” Mike Akers said. “[Our job] is to keep students in the stands to do what they are supposed to do and to keep the players on the floor to do what they do.”

The administration hopes to convey that they love the energy at basketball games, but that it’s their job to keep students under control.

“It’s a good crazy, we want that kind of excitement, that’s why kids go to ballgames. To be a student, to be a kid. It’s fun for me too. You want to join in on it and be a part of it but you’re still the adult,” Akers said.

The administration is unsure as to whether or not further security will be put in place.

“Years ago we thought we would never give breathalyzers at dance, but we do. It’s a deterrent [for students]. Society in general will dictate what we have to do,” Akers said. “If it becomes a problem or we think it’s a concern and we can’t deal with specific individuals, then I’m sure it would be on the table.”