MYP Personal Project


Starting next year, each sophomore student will be assigned a project that will be completed through the school year. This project is part of the Middle Years Program also known as MYP and is called the MYP Personal Project.

This project will be very beneficial for students because it will teach them skills that will be used all throughout their lives. The project is designed to give each student the opportunity to create whatever project they want.

The individuality is really important because this will make students much more likely to enjoy the project. Although there are parameters, what you can do within them is astounding. As long as the students keep up with their work and check in with their administrators, the projects will run smoothly.

The versatility that is offered is a great way for students to create a project that they are passionate about. This project might seem like a pain for the future sophomores, but the benefits far outweigh the grievances.

While there may need to be a few years to test this project out, the outcome could be great. The MYP Personal Project has the potential to be an important part of each student’s academic career.