Home Run Pizzas are a good frozen option

Gabe Peterson, Editor-in-Chief

Home Run Pizza Review: 8/10

This will be on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best pizza possible and one being disgusting. To make it fair I will be reviewing a large pepperoni pizza every time.

Availability: Home Run Pizza is a pre-made frozen pizza that can be purchased at most local groceries, for example; a Kroger, or Target, or a Costco. It is an easy buy if you are in need of a good pizza. So this gets a plus one on the score (+1).

Price: A large Home Run Pizza cost $21.75 which for a large pizza is a little much in my opinion. The cost of this definitely brings the score down but taking into consideration it is a pre-made frozen pizza the cost would be higher than if bought at a restaurant immediately. But for taste for your buck I would say it is a pretty good deal in my opinion. Due to the price this brings it down by a half point (-0.5). 

Crust: The crust is one of the most hit or miss for people when it comes down to people. Home Run pizza crust is crisp and not too big and it is well flavored and crunchy. It is a good way to finish off the pizza by eating a fairly good crust at the end, and if you are a person who does not eat the crust; first off, that is very weird, but second, you are not missing out on too much and you are still getting a good pizza but the crust definitely gives it an extra boost and a higher rating. So this brings it up only one point instead of two, but still gains one (+1).

Pizza: The pizza itself is very very good. Home Run really does hit the home run with the pizza, the cheese is perfect, the pepperoni could be better but is still very good, nothing too special, and the dough is pretty perfect, well cooked, and not soggy and not too hard either. The taste is just very refreshing and warming, it creates a great taste for the mouth and is very good in my opinion. You really just can’t go wrong with this pizza and it is definitely above average when it comes down to the rating. Taking into consideration these factors in this category the Home Run pizza scored 5.5 points out of 6 ( +5.5).

X Factor: The big pro factor for this is the longevity of this frozen pizza, you can buy it and wait a long time until you want to eat it. So this is a plus one on X factor ( +1).