Track Construction impacts football season


The football team practices east of the football stadium in the grass field. They have had to adapt to this large change in order to prepare for tournament season.

Construction is being done on campus, both in the school building and now on the football field/track. Construction on both facilities affects students and staff, as well as some of the athletic teams. There is extensive work being done to the stadium and track according to Athletic Director, Andy Elkins

“There will be complete refurbishing of our track, new artwork, asphalt, everything will be brand new for the 2022 track season” Elkins said.

Although the winter sports season is coming up soon, our football team is still in tournament season indefinitely. They have not been able to use the field for practice or home games.

 “We will move two freshman football games to the school we are playing and the football team will have to practice on the grass field for three weeks. No other sports are being affected at this time” Elkins said. 

Construction has been in the process since October 3 but does not have an ending date at this time. 

“Before October 29, mother nature is not helpful right now so a specific date is not available” Elkins said.

With the football tournament season still happening, many wonder if the football team will be able to host any of the games such as the sectionals (October 29). Student’s make home football games a big deal, with themes to dress up for and with the student section to show their support.

“The work will be completed so we do not miss any varsity football at NC if we are chosen to host the first round of the sectional championship” Elkins said.

Student-athletes and parents think the construction on the track is very overdue. The delay caused the boys and girls track team to not be able to host any home meets last school year because of the condition of the track. Although there were comments about construction happening in 2020, it was likely pushed back due to COVID-19.

“We would fix spots on the track to make it usable, this occurred for many years. That was no longer an option so the decision was made to make the track safe and suitable for our programs so getting a new track was the choice of administration” Elkins said.