Senior reflects on favorite traditions


Senior Larry Campbell poses during his Junior Spectacular act. Campbell was a two year varsity starter on the football team.

Lucy Pappas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Larry Campbell  ranks his top ten favorite NC traditions. 

1. Homecoming dance:

“Homecoming is probably my favorite tradition that I have been a part of out of all the traditions. Being able to go to Homecoming with my friends and spending the night with each other having fun is something I really enjoy. NC always made sure to include a nice DJ at the dance and it was never a dull moment.”

2. Carmel rivalry:

“One of the best traditions being a part of NC was the constant rivalry against Carmel. My junior year when we beat them was one of the best feelings ever being an athlete. Something about beating that one rival that you always were against feels pleasing.”

3. Meme day:

“Meme day at NC was probably the most creative tradition I have ever seen. There were so many funny memes that were all over social media and also some that people made up. Especially the shirts and clothes that were worn made it even better!”

4. Student section themes:

“Being a NC varsity football player was always a fun time. The student section and crowd made the memories better though. I loved how we had different themes the student section would wear like black or pink depending on who we were playing as well.”

5. Pep rally

“Growing up in the years before high school I’ve always wanted to be in and experience a high school pep rally. I was finally able to experience a pep rally my freshman year and it was one of the best moments of my high school career. Being there with friends and teammates made moments that last a lifetime.


6. Not stepping on the panther:

“As a kid growing up in Washington Township, I was always told, ‘When you get to NC, do not step on the panther!’ And ever since then I have had that ingrained in my mind and I know others have too. I was told that it would be bad luck, but I was more worried about the push-ups we as athletes would have to do if we stepped on it.”


7. Jersey Day:

“I liked Jersey Day at NC, as most of the students wore vintage, new and all kinds of jerseys. It was nice seeing how everyone enjoyed dressing up as some of their favorite athletes as well.”


8.Throwback Thursday:

“I remember participating in throwback Thursday with some of my friends and we matched jerseys. That was another good memory of mine.”


9. Blood Drive:

“My first time donating blood was at North Central High School. I wasn’t feeling that nervous about giving blood until I saw how thick the needle was going into my veins. The process was not painful and it worked out even better since I was making an impact on others’ lives.”


10. Junior Prom:

“Sadly, due to COVID-19, the rest of my junior class and I last year did not get to experience prom. Prom was something I looked forward to ever since I was a kid.”


“Overall, I am thankful for the good memories I have had at NC and will think back to how NC and their unique traditions have impacted me throughout four years,” Campbell said.