Food shortage in cafeteria upsets students


Students stand in line at lunch waiting to pick up their food. Signs hang that let students know they are only allowed to take one entree.

Max Edmondson

There are many adjectives to describe the lunch food this year, and the ones I would choose aren’t particularly positive. Yet somehow, our school can one-up itself to make things worse by now only allowing students one entree in the lunch line.

The reason for this limitation is that there is a food shortage. I do not know how this happened, but something needs to be done about it because if there is a shortage, how much is left before there isn’t any food at all?

In the past students were allowed a second entrée if they paid for it, but not anymore. The food may not be good, but the only choice for some people is to eat school lunch or don’t eat at all, so the second entrée was a big deal.  

I would not want to go all day without eating lunch, and many other hungry teenagers would say the same thing. Quite a few of the students here are still growing, and when a growth spurt occurs, there will be a need for more food to keep bodies growing.

My entire freshman and sophomore year, I had to order two entrees at lunch because I, like all my friends, am still growing. If I didn’t have the option of two lunches at school, I am not sure what I would have done. 

Many kids aren’t satisfied with only having one slice of pizza or five to six chicken nuggets and an apple. The school needs to figure out this shortage fast before it’s too late.

If it’s a money problem, why not let students buy extra entrees to help offset the cost?

Hopefully, there will be answers and solutions soon, but for now, students will have to be satisfied with one entree at lunch.