RIZE gives off a refreshing taste


The Traditional Benny is one of the most popular choices at RIZE Bakery. The critic thoroughly enjoyed dining here and would do it again.

Finding healthy food options can be difficult to find on a menu, especially when it comes to breakfast food. Many restaurants might have a healthy option, but it can be very limited. Even if that restaurant might have a selection you like, the food can be very pricey. Overall, it can be very difficult to find a spot that has the selection at the right price. Well you’re in luck, as RIZE is the perfect restaurant to find healthy breakfast food at an affordable price.

RIZE at 2721 E 86th St Suite 120, is a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch food. As I have stated above, RIZE has a specialty of serving healthier food on their menu. They have farm-to-table food which means most of their items are fresh right from a farm in Indiana.

RIZE takes pride in utilizing local suppliers and freshly sourced ingredients to create the best food.

When you enter the establishment you are greeted with an open area of tables and booths. RIZE looks like a diner in the layout, but has a modern feel to it, with freshly grown vegetables in jars and paintings hung on the wall, it is definitely a cozy atmosphere. The sun comes right through the restaurant in the morning, setting the tone at the beginning of the day.

When you get the menu you are met with an assortment of freshly grown healthy food such as: Chopped salad, granola, omelettes, sandwiches and eggs. RIZE also has a signature smoothie with an assortment of freshly squeezed fruit. There are options for anyone who does not want any healthy food such as: Waffles, biscuits and gravy, burgers and a cinnamon roll. 

From the menu I chose the “Traditional Benny”. It’s two poached farm eggs, canadian bacon, english muffin, avocado and the RIZE salad. From a look around the restaurant many people had a full plate of food, so don’t be surprised if your food is piled high.

The “Traditional Benny” was no different as my plate was full of food. From the eggs and bacon to the biscuits and salad everything on the plate looked enticing.

The first items I tried were poached eggs and Canadian bacon. The food definitely hit the spot; the bacon was crispy and the eggs were cooked just right. Both items blended together nicely to create a well balanced taste. You can tell how much better freshly cooked eggs are compared to the store bought ones.

The English muffin and avocado also complimented well together. I have never been a fan of avocado but the combination with the muffin worked great.

Last but not least the RIZE Salad. I have to be completely honest that this is by far the best salad I have ever had. The lettuce was freshly cut and the dressing was sweet. The vegetables were sliced thinly to help make the dish look visually better. The taste and the texture definitely blew my mind away.

RIZE is a great way to spend Sunday morning. From the food to the atmosphere, everything felt cozy and well put together. The food was fresh and having a healthy meal is a great start to your day.