Township encouraged to vote yes on referenda


Staff editorial

As the crucial vote on June 2 for school referenda rapidly approaches, controversy fills citizens that live in the township on whether to vote yes or not. 

According to the Washington Township website, the 2020 referendum plans to improve student safety and achievement, provide better pay to attract and retain outstanding teachers and staff, make continued investment in schools and athletic facilities and staff, and protect the property values within the campus.

The new referenda also plan to build a new Northview Middle School and use the current school for other district programs and storage.

Our own newspaper and website staff is made up of students who participate in athletic, artistic and performing arts competitions and we overwhelmingly agree that the referenda need to be passed.

The Counterpoints, along with every other choir, are forced to use the same set every year, and also have to practice on an impaired riser stage every day.

Our very own symphony orchestra has old and weakened bows to use when they play which could be significantly improved with the proper funding.

Our athletic facilities rank at the bottom of the conference we compete in. Major improvements are needed, including making all facilities accessible to our patrons with physical disabilities. One need to take just a quick look at the football stadium to see how bad we need improvements.

All of these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improvements. On top of this, this is just extracurricular activities.

Evidently, there are some people who feel as if these referenda are not necessary and have decided to voice their opinion about it on the Nextdoor website.

We ask those who blasphemously oppose these referenda to please imagine or even wait until you have a child who desires to partake in an extracurricular activity and ends up being held back because of the lack of sufficient resources this township currently has.

Population is increasing throughout the township, and as classrooms, locker rooms and equipment all continue to age and deteriorate, new renovations are desperately needed in order to ensure the future of Washington Township is in safe and in good hands.

As we have all been through an extraordinary trying time during the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing could have hit harder than the loss of our very own athletic director, Paul Loggan. Loggan was a strong proponent of the referenda wanting it to be passed so his athletes could have the best possible chance to succeed. Let’s not let Coach Loggan down.

Please vote yes twice on June 2 to give us the best facilities and opportunities we deserve.