NC Olympics Review


The first NC Olympics were held last Friday, April 5. The event kicked off with a three point competition where Senior Savaya Brockington got an early lead for the seniors hitting 22 three pointers in one minute.

This event was followed by many exciting competitions such as Simon says which ended in a five way tie, with four of the finalist being teachers so they were awarded gold for that event.

Throughout the whole competition, groups of two from each team worked tirelessly attempting to finish the 1000 piece puzzles. Because no one finished, the puzzles were reviewed by the judges and based on who completed the most.

The parent team secured the victory in the dance competition, despite disapproval from the student teams.

Through the many competitions the seniors were able to hold the lead and win the gold medals, with the sophomores close behind and the juniors in third.

-Michael Grueninger & Connor Thompson